Top Plyo Box Exercise (Videos Included)


Here at ReRun we are committed to giving you non stop information and tips for all your Athletic performance needs. On this post I wanted to focus on the Plyo Boxes and break down my top exercises using them. I also included videos at the end of the post just in case your a visual person like I am.

The first video is from features NFL tight end Gronk and the second features Coach Brian Klepack who brings his vast knowledge of strength conditioning to the table.


 In the video:

  1. Box Jumps
  2. Weighted Box Jumps
  3. Toe Taps
  4. Weighted Step-Ups
  5. Rapid Jumps
  6. One-Legged Jumps
  7. Jump Flip
  8. Up Down To Jump

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and complete a total of 3-4 rounds for a full workout.

Coach Brian Klepack

Coach Brian Klepacki shows you 25 ways to properly and safely utilize a PLYO or plyometric box.

This box is a super awesome and simple piece of equipment that provides an athlete a ton of opportunity to improve athletic performance. If you do some of these exercises consistently you will see improvement in your explosive power and most likely you will see and feel more "balance" in your body. Just be sure to perform these moves for both sides and don't let your dominate side take over.